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It is a special episode of The Money Millhouse discussing The Simple Dollar Awards of 2020, in which The Money Millhouse won Best Personal Finance Podcast. On this topic, Ellie and Bethany discuss some of their favorite personal ‘wins’ in the personal finance space in the last year and celebrating those little wins along the way. Bethany shares that one of her personal finance wins was traveling to 30 countries before she turned 30 completely debt free. Ellie’s personal finance little win was the “crop of babies” her children have been having and the personal finance precedence she set for them.

Adam Morgan, the Senior Editor of The Simple Dollar, joins the Millhouse team. They discuss why it is important to address personal finance as well as making it accessible for everyone. They also chat about the history of The Simple Dollar and how it emerged as a leading personal finance content provider. Recently, The Simple Dollar Awards for 2020 Awards, and Bethany and Ellie ask about a few specific awards and what The Simple Dollar was looking for when it came to awarding the Best of.

The conversation comes back around to personal wins when Adam leaves the Millhouse. Bethany explains ways they have been saving for a baby and how they were purposeful about how they asked for money from family, but she also knows not everyone is able to have the luxury of help from family. Bethany and Ellie then discuss the financial responsibility of parents and children giving/receiving gifts.


The Simple Dollar Awards of 2020

My Millennial Money Express: “I’m Having a Baby” episode

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