Guest: Danielle Roberts

Topic: The importance of Medicare for the younger generation and Keeping above the law when you have a side-hustle


Ellie tells Bethany a story about a billboard she saw saying, “Stay out of jail this year.” This lead to a great conversation about how to stay on the right side of the law when it comes to your business or side hustle. If you have a side hustle or small business, this is a great episode to answer a lot of questions you may have, including 6 points on how to set up your side hustle and keep it legal. 

Danielle Roberts joins the conversation to discuss the important subject (that may not seem exciting): Medicare. She specifically speaks on why Millennials should care about Medicare, because it seems to be in the distant future for their generation. She explains what Medicare is, as well as who it covers. She also talks about how recent tax cuts affect Medicare, and what this specifically means for Millennials. Danielle discusses the tweaks Medicare can be doing right now to change the course of Medicare’s future, including allowing for longer life expectancy. They discuss how Boomer’s refusing to retire can possibly affect Medicare and what this means for the future of Millennials. They cover how more and more people are bringing their kids into this conversation because many adult children are helping out their parents with costs in their old age. She says one of the biggest challenges for people who are new to Medicare is having no knowledge about how a national health insurance works. She also shares several resources that people can take advantage of before they begin to make decisions when it comes to Medicare. Danielle recommends starting early when it comes to educating yourself when it comes to these issues, instead of 6-12 months before you age into medicare.


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