Guest: Lacey Langford

Topic: Moving from Fear to Confidence with Money



Bethany and Ellie have good friend Lacey Langford in the Millhouse today to talk about how you can move from fear to confidence in money matters. Ellie and Bethany talk about reasons people can be afraid of money, their own personal times when they have been afraid of money, why it is important to be a student about money, and “adulating in general.”

Lacey also talks about unique financial challenges our military members may face. When choosing options, often fear stops people from making a decision and taking action. Lacey touches on how to gain confidence through effective budgeting, including things to keep in mind when making a budget and how much families should be spending on food each month. She even adds some great information about the new Blended Retirement System (BRS) military members will be choosing this year.


USDA Cost of Food; What the Heck Wednesday


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