Guest: Philip “PT” Taylor

Topic: Geeking out about FinCon, and other Geek-worthy topics


Bethany and Ellie begin the show geeking out over their favorite super heroes and characters in the Marvel Universe. They share their hidden “super powers”, define what the castanets are, and how many instruments Bethany plays. They then explain geeking out over money at their favorite conference, FinCon.

Philip “PT” Taylor, the founder of FinCon, joins the show sharing details of said financial conference. He explains the origin story of how he decided to hang out with fellow money nerds, and how it has developed since then. He talks about the people who SHOULD be attending FinCon, whether they be a newbie or established expert in the financial media space. He shares his dream of this conference one day becoming the ComiCon of the financial world, and how this community is fighting their arch nemesis–financial illiteracy.

Bethany and Ellie finish the show discussing project management and event coordinating. They reflect on how often past life events prepared Bethany for what she is doing now professionally, as well as for her wedding, which had a detailed 4-page document and color-coded itinerary system to make sure the Big Day went off without a hitch.


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