Guest: Mark E. Green

Topic: Vetrepreneurs and Starting your own Business


Bethany and Ellie open talking about pivots that come in life and why people are more likely to change their careers these days. They discuss their own pivots throughout their lives and why they have changed things up a little bit since starting in their respective careers. They talk about why it is important to be open to transitions and 

Mark Green, US Army Lt Col Ret. and Vetrepreneur, talks about what it was like to learn how to walk again after an injury sustained during deployment and advice for Vets looking to start their own business. He talks about what he enjoys about being his own boss and the regiment he maintains. He thinks on his biggest accomplishment over his life, and his future goals of giving back to the Vet community. 

Bethany and Ellie end the show talking about their favorite Vet-owned businesses and their favorite conferences, including MilBlogging/The Influencers. Ellie talks about her time as a Military spouse Entrepreneur and  advice she would give to people looking to start a home-based business. Bethany asks how you know if you have “it”—the ability and grit to be an entrepreneur.





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