Guest: Chad Bourquin

Topic: Teaching Children about Money and Dreaming Big


Bethany and Ellie discuss the unscientific differences between caffeine levels in dark roasts vs blond roasts. They then talk about teaching kids about money, including their adventures teaching the children of Navy Seals. Ellie talks about her methods behind giving her children an allowance when they were young, while Bethany reminisces what rewards she would receive by being a military child.

Chad Bourquin, who owns three businesses, joins the Money Millhouse talking about his band, Dream Big Series, and how they developed. He touches on the Zone of Genius from the book The Big Leap and what that looks like for him, how he handles being an entrepreneur, and how he stays organized. According to Chad, it is really hard to go after your dreams if you are in debt and he touches on why it is so important to be financially responsible. And Bethany is happy to know that at the age of 27, she can still dream big.

Bethany and Ellie end the show talking about the 401K conference coming up, as well as their favorite conference—aka “The Disneyland for Finance”—Fincon. They elaborate on the Zone of Excellence and where they feel they operate. Ellie also discusses they ways she keeps her craft sharp, and Bethany remembers where she first learned the sense of professionalism and the spirit of excellence.


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