Guest: Ryan Guina

Topic: The Second Act 



Bethany and Ellie open discussing “Second Acts”, when people change careers or shifts, specifically when life shifted with Ellie and her husband, Bob. Bethany and Ellie also explore ways to saving in little ways that add up so people can have margin in their budget to be able to transition into that Second Act.

Ryan Guina comes into The Money Millhouse to discuss his Second Act of serving in the military, working in the civilian world, becoming an entrepreneur, to then commissioning in the National Guard. Ryan explains the difference between active duty and National Guard, and USERRA, the legal protection that protects the jobs of those serving in the Guard. They discuss a good financial decision that everyone can make and how you can become a millionaire. Ryan also shares starting a side hustle and how that was a great decision for him over the course of the years. Ryan talks about buying cars new instead of used: the reasons and being an informed consumer. 



The Military Wallet





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