Guest: Cristin Gray

Topic: Moving money from your bank account




Bethany and Ellie open the show talking about some of the great deals they received from the Orlando Outlets, which they explain are things they splurged on but stayed in their budget. They give the secret to having name brands like Coach, but not paying Coach prices. They then magically transport to the FinCon18 USAA Podcasting booth in Orlando, where they talk to Cristin Gray from USAA.


With Cristin, they discuss Money Movement, which is moving money from one account to another account, wether it is a friend, a merchant, buying a home, etc. Cristin helps Bethany and Ellie with a ‘hypothetical ’ situation of moving money from person to person, as well as mobile pay options. Bethany remembers how she was able to pay for a transaction with her Apple Watch, and Cristin explains what USAA is doing to keep up with the digital capabilities that are emerging. She also explains data aggregation and how USAA’s members are able to securely interact with their accounts. They talk about ways they keep their members money safe, as well as the requirements it takes to be a USAA member (including how many civilians are a part of that community).


Bethany and Ellie return to The Money Millhouse to talk about their USAA podcast booth experience from FinCon18, as well as sharing their total savings from the shopping spree they talked about earlier. They share their love for USAA and the reasons why they are members for life. They also talk about managing next steps and what they are doing to organize their post conference opportunities—including how long to wait before contacting people they have met at a conference. Bethany talks about the things she is working on post-FinCon, and explains what a one-sheet is. They discuss the importance of a debrief and an action sheet after a big event, and both Bethany and Ellie reveal their top 3 action items they are working on post-FinCon.



Service and Ink featuring 3 of Ellie’s Sons


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