Guest: Ginger Harrington

Topic: Being intentional about our choices when it comes to money and life


Bethany and Ellie open the show talking about how it pays to be kind, ways to be generous, and why it is important to have freedom in your budget to be able to do those things. They also reminisce about the time Bethany didn’t tip someone who helped her with her bags, but how they were able to remedy the situation. Bethany explores the reasons why she occasionally gets things for free, and why it pays to be around nice people.

Ginger Harrington, author of new book Holy in the Moment, joins the conversation about the kinds of investments it takes to write a book. She talks about the concept of making intentional choices and to how invest in today to build for tomorrow. They talk about the Scarcity Mindset vs. the Abundance Mindset, and how making good choices can lead to opportunity. She shares one area she thinks differently in her life 10 years ago verses right now, and learning how to be intentional with resources, time, friendships, etc.





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