Guest: Joe Saul-Sehy

Topic: Financial Education



Ellie and Bethany kick off the show raving about their star guest, Joe Saul-Sehy and their experience at FinCon this year. They also talk about financial education, both formal and informal, and the different ways people can learn. Then Joe from award-winning podcast, Stacking Benjamins, comes into the Millhouse to talk about the reasons he likes his coffee a certain way, and the Save50 course he created that will teach you to save 50% of your income.

They also discuss the key to financial education: “It isn’t about what you know, it is about what you do.” Joe also shares some of his money stories that taught him the dangers of credit, how to recover after some credit decisions, as well as a pretty crazy encounter with a hotel room’s mini-bar. Bethany and Ellie finish the show talking about ways to graduate college debt free. They also discuss why a work ethic is important to financial education, as well as the balance between balance and work as an entrepreneur.


Stacking Benjamins Podcast, Save50 Course, College Crunches



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