Guest: Charlotte and Eva Baker

Topic: Teenpreneurs and the Family Business


Bethany and Ellie talk about the benefits of working with family. Ellie remembers a certain business trip she took Bethany on and how she realized she had a gift in the area of public relations. Bethany remembers another story of a business trip and how it set her future in stone. 

Eva Baker, founder of Teens Got Cents, and her mom and business partner, Charlotte Baker, join The Money Millhouse to talk about Eva’s journey to founding her business. Eva recounts some feedback she has received from her site, how she gets a lot of comments about her age, and how she has learned to embrace it. She shares about how something that started as a high school project turned into a business, and the role her mom had in that journey. 

Charlotte talks about her perspective on her partnership with Eva and how it has evolved. She never intended it to be a project for her, it was originally just for Eva, but thy realized it would not be plausible for Eva to handle everything. Charlotte also shares what it was like to see Eva blogging as herself and not anonymously, and whose vote carries the extra weight. Eva also talks about the upcoming Teenpreneur conference coming up in Jacksonville, FL. June 22, 2018.

Bethany and Ellie end the conversation discussing how they also work together, and how they have very similar personality types. They explore the times they like being together and when they don’t, and how they manage being around each other all the time. 


TeensGotCents; The Teenpreneur Conference


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