Guest: Ron Anderson

Topic: Creative ways to make money and tax tips



Bethany and Ellie open the show talking about creative ways to earn more than you spend. Ron Anderson comes into the Money Millhouse and discusses taxes and how they could be fun. He gives some of his favorite year-round tax tips and some good general advice for a taxpayer dealing with their taxes. He suggests someone buys a home as a foundation to build their financial freedom. He also says to not spend money unless it is going to be productive when it comes to small businesses, and what to keep in mind if a small business is ever to get audited. He gives tips for keeping receipts and playing “show and tell” with them. 

They transition into Ron’s other profession: being a professional magician. He shares some of the stories of some of the famous people he has met along the way, including David Copperfield and Steve Martin. He talks about The Magic Castle, of which he is a member. He explains how to make a hobby into a business—understanding marketing, sales techniques, etc. He gives advice to anyone looking to start a business like this—including buying business cards and keeping records in order. He shares why he always asks for letters of recommendation, and being open to constructive feedback in order to get better. He shares how he manages his creativity and his process of comedy and magic, and why he writes every creative idea down on paper. 



—Sell stuff on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace 

—Sell Pictures

—Rent a room out in your house

—Sell your skills

—Teach classes online (Skillshare, Udemy, Teachable)

—Become a field agent (Field Agent app)

—Become a secret shopper

—Take surveys online and get paid for them (Swagbucks)

—Babysit for busy professionals (

—Join direct selling company like Arbonne or Avon

—Write music reviews (

—Be a Lyft or Uber driver

—Deliver food (Grubhub or Postmates)

—Clean out your closet and sell online (Poshmark) 

—Become a dog walker (RoverWag)





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