Guest: Roger Whitney

Topic: Thinking about retirement in a new way


Enjoy a favorite episode of Season 2 with Roger Whitney, AKA the Retirement Answer Man! Stick around till the end for a special behind the scenes look at what it was like recording this episode! Also–all the books in this episodes have already been previously given away!

Bethany and Ellie have a cup of coffee at Ellie Kay’s table discussing the season and how it is Bethany loves being cold this time of year. Bethany and Ellie remember a time when Ellie purchased a red coat in Canada, and how she didn’t tell the truth in a certain instance. Ellie and Bethany discuss fears and how it can stop us from doing what we want to do. They talk about things that had scared them recently that they had to do, including Ellie connecting in Istanbul and almost missing her flight.

Roger Whitney, The Retirement Answer Man, joins the Millhouse discussing retirement. Ellie challenges Roger to give the answer to retirement in 30 words or less. Roger explains it is important to not check out of life when it comes to Retirement. He encourages Bethany and Ellie to look at it in a new way that may not be traditional. Roger explains why he is excited for the Millennial Generation, and how they are able to change their perspective when it comes to retirement. He gives a practical way that financial advice industry has not caught up to the way we live our lives right now. He gives the two most important investments we could make in our future that could open up a lot of flexibility. They also talk about student loan debt and different ways to invest in our skills. Bethany asks if traditional saving for retirement is still important, and Roger gives reasons why we shouldn’t ignore that.


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