Guest: Doug Nordman

Topic: Financial Independence/Retire Early (FIRE)


Bethany and Ellie reminisce about their time learning to surf in Hawaii and their surfing instructor and Money Millhouse guest, Doug Norman. They also talk about their side hustles, what a side hustle is, and their goals and objectives when it comes to what their side hustles yield. They discuss financial independence and being able to retire early (also known as the FIRE movement).

Doug joins Ellie’s kitchen table discussing the Blended Retirement System, the new Military Retirement System, as well as how he and his wife were able to retire early. They touch on asset allocation, high savings rate, how to save as a civilian, what to do as a retired couple, as well as travel hacking as a vet. Bethany and Ellie wrap up the show clarifying a lot of the big words and concepts Doug used.


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