—Guest: Kerry Hannon

—Topic: Launching a business mid-Life and how to not get scammed in business or life


Ellie and Bethany open the show talking about what a pour over is, and why Bethany keeps singing phrases around the house. They also discuss how to avoid getting scammed in life and business. They then welcome Kerry Hannon into the Millhouse to talk about how she created a business in mid-life. 

Kerry talks about how she shifted careers and how pulling from her previous network helped her when she launched her business. She talks about how she was always freelancing on the side while she was a full-time employee. Having that base behind her was important when she was ready to take the leap. They also talk about the importance of diversifying your income and the challenges that come with starting business later down the road. The key steps in shifting into a new direction is to be financially fit, physically fit, and spiritually fit. Kerry talks about the importance of having a place of centering and a de-compressing time to shift your brain.  

Kerry discusses wether or not you should have a business partner and says it depends on the individual. Some people are wired to work on their own, and sometimes a partner is important to give you balance so you can tap into your skillset. She also warns against jumping into a business relationship, and talks about how women are especially good at working as partners. Ellie and Bethany talk about their working relationship and how they balance when it comes to their business. Kerry also discusses ways to avoid getting scammed in business. She also encourages people to do the job firstly apprentice or volunteer to find out if it is something you really want to do. 

Bethany and Ellie finish the show continuing to the discussion about avoiding scams in business. Bethany also shares the story about how she almost got scammed by a Golden Doodle. 


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