—Guest: Christine Kirkley

—Topic: Celebrating Woman’s History Month and resources available to single moms in the military


Bethany and Ellie take a road trip to San Antonio to talk with Christine Kirkley from AMVETS. Before they get there, Bethany and Ellie talk about Women’s History Month and what it means to each of them. They celebrate being strong females and share their role models portrayed throughout history.  

They then meet up with Christine Kirkley works for AMVETS or American Veterans and is an accomplished and knowledgeable executive with over sixteen years of experience in non-profit development, marketing and fundraising. She has a proven track record in managing staff, developing new business, meeting revenue and fundraising goals. She’s skilled in developing donor retention programs and growing new and existing corporate relationships. At AMVETS she takes a particular interest in helping women who currently serve in the military and female veterans as well.


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