Guest: Joe Saul-Sehy

Topic: Finding a Financial Advisor and Good Networking Techniques 



Ellie and Bethany start the show talking about great networking techniques. Ellie explains her “10 Question Game” which she uses to decide if she wants to make a connection with someone. They explore how to tell if people are being a ‘giver’ or a ‘taker’ when it comes to networking situations, as well as ways to develop an effective pitch (and why it is important even if you hate “elevator pitches”). 

Joe Saul-Sehy, the founder and host of Stacking Benjamins Podcast, joins The Money Millhouse as the very first, second-time guest exploring how to find a great financial advisor that fits your needs perfectly. He gives good tips on how to distinguish a good advisor verses a bad one, and what signs to look for that can help you tell the difference. According to Joe, the best advisors don’t need advertising and just because you see someone advertising doesn’t mean they are great at what they do. 

Joe explains why you should go an advisor’s office for the first meeting, and why you shouldn’t go to someone’s office in a van by the river. He also explains why you don’t have to be best friends with your advisor (and why your spouse doesn’t have to like them). He also gives a great resource to look up complaints against advisors and why it might be a good idea to bring up those reports when looking for a great advisor. He also gives details about how he and is team are taking the Stacking Benjamins Show on the road. The first stop: Orlando (The Money Millhouse will be there!).

Bethany and Ellie end the show talking about some of their favorite reasons to go to conferences and how they can be a good investment for you and your business. They talk about some of the best relationships in business they have found when attending conferences. They give great techniques to graciously exit an awkward networking conversation, as well as remembering how to show grace and mercy in conversations that appear uncomfortable. They also explore the importance of a good introduction, as well as giving their pitches for their personal business. 


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