Guest: Sean Scaturro

Topic: Figuring out the world of health insurance



Bethany and Ellie have a personal show today as they discuss the world of health insurance. Bethany shares a personal story when it comes to some of the medical issues she has been facing in the last few months, and Ellie shares why it is important to have a family member go with you when going on medical visits. Bethany has a lot of questions when it comes to her health insurance, especially since she was shocked with a recent medical bill. Knowing the right questions to ask when you go into the doctors office is important, like making sure you know your co-pay when getting medical procedures done.

Sean Scaturro, Director of Life and Health Insurance Advice for USAA, joins them at Ellie’s kitchen table to help Bethany with some of her questions. Bethany shares with Sean that she feels duped and naive when it comes to her recent medical experience, and Sean gives advice when it comes to being a good consumer. He points out the three key things to be aware of when it comes to major medical insurance: health, wallet and wealth. They talk about the “B” word, and why it is important to have an emergency fund when it comes to health. They discuss some questions consumers can ask their doctor, and Sean breaks down the difference between deductible and out of pocket limit. They talk about the difference between getting procedures done at a hospital as opposed to an out patient facility. Sean warns against the temptation of using good insurance carelessly. He advises to look at both sides of the spectrum—is it something that can wait a week or two, or is it something that needs to happen right now? Sean walks through the open enrollment timelines, and what to keep in mind when being a good consumer.



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