Guest: Marnie Henderson

Topic: Finacial First Aid Kit and Financial Life After Losing a Loved One


Bethany and Ellie open the show talking about how everything in life will always come back to money, which is why they have so many different kinds of guests on the show. Sometimes life doesn’t go the way we planned, and Bethany recalled the moment she found out her mom was in a car accident. Ellie recalls Bethany’s visit to the Emergency Room after a wisdom tooth extraction. They also go over several points on the Financial First Aid Kit Checklist everyone needs to keep in mind in case the unexpected happens. 

Marnie Henderson, a life re-entry practitioner, joins the conversation talking about how loss of a loved one can impact all areas of life, including financial. She talks about how she teaches her clients to take the next steps after loss. She explores the financial repercussions to losing a spouse, as well as recreating goals, rediscovering your purpose, the changing dynamics with family members, etc. She discusses the balance between saving for goals in the future and living in the now and how loss gives us an opportunity to look at life in a new way. She also shares about a healing retreat in Belize coming up this summer. 


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