—Topic: Learning to love and live on a budget


Budgeting is one of the subjects the ladies of The Money MIllhouse love talking about the most—partly because it helped Ellie pay of $40,000 of debt in 2.5 years, and because it is something both ladies love implementing in their homes. Bethany and Ellie start the show discussing their budgets and how Bethany’s is changing with the upcoming arrival of a new baby. They also touch on how their budgets have changed in the pandemic, and where they are spending less money than normal as well as where they are spending more.
Bobbi Olson joins the conversation talking about how she met Ellie—and how Ellie inspired her long before they met personally. Bobbi also talks about the joys of budgeting for her and what it has allowed her to do in her life financially. She shares her “money toolbox” and how that has helped her with her finances, as well as how strict she is about her budget when it comes to every day expenses. 


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