Guest: Joseph Hogue

Topic: The basics of investing



Bethany and Ellie begin the show talking about the fresh pumpkin pie Bethany made for The Money Millhouse. They continue their conversation discussing investments. Bethany is under the impression that Millennials have a hard time investing—especially when it comes to having money to invest. Ellie gives good tips on how to live within your means and the meaning of the millionaire next door. Bethany shares a close and personal story of where she is in her finical journey and how she has cut back in their home budget.

Joseph Hogue joins the Millhouse discussing the basics of investment. He talks more about why it is difficult for Millennials have a hard time investing. He discusses the importance of investing and what it means to be financially free. He gives some practical ways of finding the leeway in someone’s budget in order to invest, and he explores the different age groups and how investing changes as someone gets older. He explains that the stock market isn’t the only way to invest as well as some examples of other places you can invest your money. He talks about the investing habits of the wealthy and what investments can give a higher return. Bethany and Ellie end the show discussing side hustles and ways to make some extra cash in order to invest. 




Joseph Hogue’s YouTube Channel: Let’s Talk Money!

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