—Topic: Things that can stop us in our business and how to move forward


There seem to be a lot of things that we feel hold us back in business as women. Wether it be a lack of skillset, internal struggles with confidence or fear of failure, or even practical day to day things like starting a family or juggling all the things outside work. 

Today in the Money MIllhouse, we have Amira Alvarez of The Unstoppable Woman talking about just that. Amira says that the voice in your head, fear of failure, is the reason TO do something and not the reason not to. Bethany shares how she feels about how her business is shifting as she gets ready to have a baby, and she gets practical insight from Ellie from when she raised 5 children. 

Amira reminds us that the desire to achieve what you want needs to be bigger than the fear and negative voices in your head. It is reminding yourself of your “why” and finding the accountability of other women in business. It is important to surround yourself with a community who want to make an impact in the world.

She also gives practical tips on how to find freedom in business through her Freedom Factors: 

—Look at what you want and make giant, shoot-for-the-moon goals.

—Take a look at where are you now

—Figure out the gap between your goals and where you are now

—Figure out what going to get you to those goals

—Come up with a plan to get there


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Amira Alvarez – The Unstoppable Woman

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