Guest: Darryl Lyons

Topic: Generosity and Entrepreneurs


Bethany and Ellie start the show sharing with sharing what they are thankful for and the excitement of Thanksgiving next week. 

Darryl Lyons comes into the Millhouse to discuss being generous as an entrepreneur. He talks about his journey to working for himself, as well as some of the mistakes he made along the way. He talks about how is family had to go down to one car when he first started out, and Ellie shares a similar story when they also had to go down to one car. Darryl shares the one common mistake most entrepreneurs make, including having a foggy brain when it comes to starting out. He gives practical suggestions when it comes to having partners in business and the importance of having an advisory counsel in business. He also shares ways he and his family are able to give back and be generous. 

Bethany and Ellie end the show playing a new game: Cheap Vs. Frugal, and knowing the difference between the two!


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