—Guest: Jay Lucas

—Topic: Giving Back, Philanthropy, and Children of Fallen Heroes


Bethany and Ellie open this week’s episode discussing philanthropy and giving back. They go over the scientific studies that show it is better for you physically to give back. They stress that it is not just volunteering, but it is also better to be kind. Sometimes you can’t give money, but you can also ways share a smile. 

Joining the conversation is Jay Lucas, the founder of the Lucas Group. He says the thing he is most proud of, and that he finds the most reward in, is giving back. He is highly involved with an organization called Children of Fallen Patriots, which is an organization that pays for the college education of any child who loses a parent in military service. They will pay for whatever it takes to make that child success, and they have taken care of over 1,150 kids. Out of every dollar, $.98 goes to the children of the fallen patriots, which allows all these students to graduate debt-free.  He also gives ways people can give help those who have lost a parent in the military. 




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