Guest: Chris Hogan

Topic: Goal Setting and Being Intentional With Our Money


The Money Millhouse team is currently on hiatus, but come back September 2 when they have all new episodes! In the meantime, enjoy this episode with Chris Hogan from Season 2.

Bethany and Ellie start the show talking about Goal Setting and how we should start thinking about 2019’s goals right now. Ellie says that 92% of people never achieve their goals, and Bethany says she is apart of the other 8% that has. They discuss how those who accomplish their goals set specific goals that are challenging (but are not too hard), and are passionate about their goals to committed to the end. They also discuss that people who accomplish their goals use feedback to stay on track, and that receiving feedback doesn’t mean that you are a terrible person. Instead, feedback helps us get better. 

Chris Hogan joins the show discussing the importance of investing, and thinking about the future. He is hearing from a lot of people who wish they could go back and do things for themselves in the past. He wants to help people understand that small steps now can give themselves an advantage for down the road. He also gives great tips for having a plan when it comes to money by “giving every dollar a name.” Chris talks about how money will listen, and how we can have the right kind of knowledge to control it. They revisit the “why” of saving and how to respond when life and emergencies happen. If we aren’t prepared for emergencies, it can steal your joy, which is why Chris stresses the importance of an Emergency Fund. He walks through what would have happened if Bethany didn’t take from her emergency fund a couple months ago, and how it could have lead to more stress.

Chris gives practical advice of how we can take our financial pulse. He advises having a plan during the holiday season so we don’t have a holiday hangover. Set a holiday budget and assign a dollar amount to each person. When the money is gone, you are done—go home. Chris also gives a sneak peak into his new book, Everyday Millionaire. Chris also gives great advice to couples and discussing money with a spouse, including dreaming together. 


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