—Guest: Steven M. Hughes

—Topic: Saving money on cruises, teaching college students about money, and the racial divide when it comes to financial literacy.


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Bethany and Ellie meet at Ellie’s Kitchen Table after having gone on an inexpensive cruise to Mexico. They go over ways people can save money on travel (specifically cruises). Bethany learns how to pronounce gratuities, and how to book a cruise with shipboard credits when booking a cruise. They also tell you the best time to buy spa services on a cruise and when to buy your excursion.

Steven M. Hughes joins the Millhouse discussing the #1 money myth that he things can hold people back in life, especially from a young age. He says that money gives you the ability and options, and that the “lack of money is the root of all evil.” He shares about the work he is doing to teach college students about money. He shares the biggest challenge he sees when teaching young adults, and he gives the specific goal he made when he was in college (which was increasing his credit score by 315 points). 

Steven answers the question about what Millennials have learned about money from their parents. Bethany shares the difference she sees with Millennials changing jobs more often than the previous generation. Steven says how this could help when done intentionally. They shift gears to discuss credit scores and what he sees in regards to college students. He shares about the mistakes he made in college and what he did to increase his credit score when he graduated. 

Steven also addresses the racial divide when it comes to the financial resources available to a household for a black family versus those available to white families. In a study done recently, the average net worth of a white family is $140k where the average for a black family was $11k. Steven works with students of color at colleges and universities with success programs for students learning financial education. Know Money, Steven’s company, is actively fighting financial illiteracy in the black community though his programs and events geared to students of color. They just launched the Bank Roll Summit, which will kick off April 3rd in Columbia, South Carolina.




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