Guest: Tasha Cochran

Topic: Financial freedom tips/holiday saving and spending. 



Thanksgiving is next week and Ellie and Bethany get ready by discussing the difference between financial independence and financial freedom. They give Financial Freedom Factors, including things to keep in mind when it comes to credit cards and Credit utilization. 

Tasha Cochran joins the Money Millhouse discussing the holidays, including how to keep happiness in check when it comes to the holiday season. Tasha recommends to set a budget and stick to it—find things to do that don’t cost a lot of money like sledding or decorating cookies. She also gives great tips when it comes to the day after Friday, best ways to navigate Black Friday and cyber Monday, and how we can be teaching kids about money during the holidays. She gives great travel tips around the holidays, and cost effective ways to keep kids busy while on the road. They touch on holiday giving and how to “win” Christmas. 


Financial Freedom Factors

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