—Topic: Women’s role with money in the home


Bethany and Ellie are joined this week in the Millhouse by Tanja Hester, author of Work Optional and creator of Our Next Life blog and The Fairer Cents podcast in a special two part series on Financial Feminism. This week they focus on Women and money in the home–specifically the roles women normally take when it comes to money. 

Tanja started her podcast because she felt like there were conversations that were not being had in the financial space when it comes to the unloved playing field and economic inequality. Tanja defines feminism as women and men are equal and that we are going to create a society and systems that uphold equality, even though the word often comes with unnecessary baggage. 

There are so many connections between finances and feminizes, and Tanja identifies a few of them. One of them is that men are often entrusted with “high finances” decisions, like where to invest their money, and women are often entrusted with the “low finance” decisions like how to stretch the grocery budget or how to clip coupons. 

They also talk about the stigma associated with women making major financial decisions and the idea of who is the bread winner. Tanja gives words for Ellie and Bethany to use when in situations where they may need to push back on perceived sexist comments and conversations without coming across overly bossy or dominant as a woman. 

Bethany and Ellie end the discussion talking about how stay at home moms have as much right and access to the money eared by their family even though they aren’t the ones bringing in the money. Ellie shares how when she was a SAHM, she never felt like it was “his money” and “her money,” but always “our money.”

Join the conversation next week as Tanja is in the Millhouse again talking about women in business.


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