—Guest: Darbi Masters

—Topic: How to organize your taxes when you are self-employed

In this special episode of Drinks with Darbi, Bethany and Ellie talk about taxes when you are self-employed. They talk about setting up a separate tax account so you will be ready when it comes time to pay your taxes. They also talk about automating savings with an app like Digit or Albert, and they also suggest to not skip your quarterly taxes. 

Darbi joins the Money Millhouse and they discuss the difference between deductions and write-offs. They talk about keeping expenses organized and what expenses you may not know are tax deductible. They also give several tools and apps that can help when it comes to filing taxes as well as ways to keep track of write-offs. 

Bethany and Ellie finish the show discussing deductions and write-offs, but also suggest to double check your tax documents so you aren’t paying more or less than you should be. 

How to Avoid a Huge Tax Bill When You’re Self Employed by Carrie Smith Nickelson 

Saving Apps: 
Mile IQ
Quickbooks self-employed
Turbo for self-employed

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