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We are so stoked to have Glen James from @mymillennialmoney on a special FIELD TRIP episode of The Money Millhouse!

Recently, Bethany ventured out of the Millhouse and went to Podcast Movement Evolutions in Downtown Los Angeles. While she was there, she got to catch up with our friend Glen in a fancy DTLA coffee shop whilst sipping on some delicious coffee.

As you might be able to tell from the conversation, Glen is from Australia and makes time to come to the States every year for some specific conferences.

As an entrepreneur, it may be difficult to justify an expense of a conference, especially if you aren’t making money. In fact, once you add up the conference ticket, hotel, airfare, food, etc, going to a conference can be quite pricy. It also might be difficult to justify that expense to family members who might not understand.

Glen gives great insight into WHY he chooses to spend so much money to attend these events and the returns conferences can have, including gaining knowledge about a particular field that can further your business, setting aside time to dedicate to developing your business or skill, as well as the invaluable relationships that you are able to walk away with.


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