—Guest: Bobbi Rebell

—Topic: What it looks like to be a financial grownup


Bethany and Ellie are excited to welcome Bobbi Rebell, a professional journalist, broadcaster, author, and podcaster, into the Money Millhouse. She is the host of the Financial Grownup and the co-host of Money in the Morning podcast with Joe Saul-Sehy. Before she comes to the kitchen table, Bethany and Ellie discuss when they first felt like an adult and the impostor syndrome that goes along with being a grown-up. Bethany also teaches Ellie the meaning of YOLO. 

When Bobbi comes into the Millhouse, she helps Bethany and Ellie out with what it looks like to be a Financial Grownup. They also talk about situations where parents bailing kids out financially may hurt them and not help them. They also touch on how children learn from their financial group parents, learning not to judge others for their money choices, and the importance of having a (balanced) delayed gratification. 



Financial Grownup 

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