—Guest: Tiffany Aliche

—Topic: How all Americans can achieve prosperity, which is living the life they want.


Bethany and Ellie come into The Money Millhouse happy and excited for a new episode! Also at the kitchen table is Tiffany Aliche who discusses a new study from Intuit on prosperity. Before she comes in, they talk about their definitions of prosperity and ways to achieve prosperity. 

Tiffany Aliche joins the conversation on prosperity by sharing the study conducted by Intuit because they want prosperity to be accessible for everyone. As a part of that, they talk about starting a business and how it is a direct line to prosperity. They talk about financial role models, and how investing time will always have a return–wether it is being successful in your endeavors or learning something for the future. Tiffany shares a story about how it is more important what you do in front of your children and not necessarily what you tell them. They end the conversation with a hopeful statistic that a majority of Americans believe prosperity is in their future. 



Prosperity Study

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