Guest: Darbi Masters

Topic: Work/Life Balance, Adulating, and Inexpensive Self Care



Join Ellie and Bethany once again for another edition of Drinks with Darbi.


Bethany and Ellie open the show discussing the work/life balance. They discuss the bad things that can happen when you have a poor work/life balance, and what to do when your office is also your home. Bethany admits that there are times when she leaves her home office to go relax and watch Netflix. Some of the consequences of a poor work/life balance is eating out a lot, which can be harmful to both your budget as well as your waistline. People who have a poor work/life balance can also sacrifice their health when they are stressed out. Another consequence can be retail therapy—AKA the Amazon effect.


Darbi joins the Money Millhouse to discuss her questions during this special BYOB episode. Bethany brought Jack Daniel’s Fire Whiskey and Darbi brought Bullet questions. Darbi asks some of her questions when it comes to work life balance and prioritizing her time when it comes to the different jobs. Bethany commends Darbi on diversifying her income and Ellie commends her on working in this season. Bethany talks about Millennials and their desire to do what they are “Passionate about” and the balance between that. Darbi asks if she should be gauging herself and maintaining certain responsibilities when it comes to being an adult. Bethany discuses the “more” she thinks she needs to do as a right of passage to adulthood, while affirming what Darbi has accomplished. They discuss motivation and the importance of a community or mastermind.


Bethany and Ellie finish the show giving practical and inexpensive ways to destress and self care.





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