—Guest: Joy Liu

—Topic: Simplifying your life and paying less money on television and activities, paying off debt, and getting fit from The Financial Gym


Bethany and Ellie talk about ways your finances can spark joy–like cutting the cable, the different sorts of television subscription, how to enjoy free activities, and paying off debt.

They are joined by Joy Liu, a Certified Financial Trainer and military spouse. She heads up Trainer Academy for The Financial Gym and shares the benefits of this program for people looking to learn more about finances. They touch on savings, debt repayment, navigating student loan debt, and goal setting. She also talks about why she shifted in her career from working in advertising to working in the financial education space as a military spouse.


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Joy Liu
Joy Liu is a Certified Financial Trainer® at The Financial Gym. While her employers and clients are based in NYC, she works from her home office in North Carolina. She started her career in Account Management in major NYC creative advertising agencies working on iconic brands like M&M’S, Dove Chocolate, Ricola, and [ yellow tail ] wine. After time spent realizing her passions were outside of creating 30 second commercials combined with becoming a military spouse, she began her mission to craft a career that was geo-independent and focused on solving problems that were important to her values. She is married to a United States Marine and currently moved from NYC to North Carolina.

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