—Guest: Patrice Washington

—Topic: Preparing for a job interview and Seeing Wisdom, Finding Wealth


Bethany and Ellie start the show discussing how important interviews can chance the course of your life. They also talk about the different kinds of interviews, wether they be for a job, or an acceptance into a college or university.

They are joined by Patrice Washington, founder of Seek Wisdom, Find Wealth. They discuss the “mindset approach” to personal finance, how to define the term “wealth,” and what’s a common pitfall for people when it comes to personal finance. 


Atlas Coffee Club

Instagram: @Seekwisdompcw


Patrice Washington
Patrice Washington is an award-winning author, transformational speaker, hope-restoring coach, and media personality. Patrice got her start as your favorite personal finance expert, “America’s Money Maven”, having tremendous success with her “mindset approach” to personal finance. She has since expanded her brand and mission, encouraging women to chase purpose, not money. Patrice is committed to redefining the term “wealth”, using its original meaning, “well-being”. She encourages women to have “wealth” in all aspects of their lives by pursuing their purpose, being fulfilled, and earning more without ever chasing money. Through her teachings, Patrice empowers women to look at life through the lens of abundance and opportunity, instead of lack and scarcity. As the founder of Redefining Wealth and The Earn More Money Movement for Women, Patrice has built a thriving community of high-achieving women committed to creating a powerful life vision--in their careers, home, health, and personal finances.

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