Guest: Joseph Kelly

Topic: Buying and Selling Your Home


Bethany and Ellie start a brand new season of The Money Millhouse! After celebrating the first episode of season 2, they dive into talking about buying a home. Bethany admits she is a little discouraged at the price of homes and how she and her husband are saving up to buy their first house. Ellie gives several ways to make money in real estate.

Joining them on at Ellie’s Kitchen Table is Joseph Kelly, the National Director of Heroes Come First. He shares why this cause matters to him and how Heroes Comes First is able to give back to active and retired: Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Medical professionals and support, teachers and clergy whenever they are buying, selling, or refinancing a home. He also lends his advice when it comes to steps in buying a home and how to look for the professionals to help them. He offers a checklist of qualities to look for when looking for those people to make the process as least stressful as possible, as well as the VA option for our military members

Bethany and Ellie end the show talking about how these rewards can add up to thousands of dollars when buying a home. They also discuss expenses that can come up when moving into a new home. They also update the audience on Bethany’s new role at FinCon, the Live Podcasting they will be doing from there, as well as a Facebook Live version of Drinks with Darbi.


Heroes at Home Rewards

5 Keys to Finding Your Cash Out Options


Joseph Kelly
Since 1989 Joe Kelly has brought a unique blend of technical, marketing, sales and leadership experience to the mortgage industry. As a graduate of the University of Virginia with a degree in Aerospace Engineering (yes….a rocket scientist), he realized that the mortgage industry was lacking a critical component – consumer education and programs to help increase savings and reduce debt through mortgage management. Joe Kelly is very proud of having three sons who are veterans.  Two Army and one Navy.  Their service inspired the development of a national financial program to help all military (active, reserve and veterans) receive mortgage financing advice focused on their long term benefit, not a one time “sale” for a mortgage company. Heroes Come First was launched to include all of our nations heroes; Military (active, reserve and veterans), current & former Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Medical & Educational professionals and is dedicated to saying "Thank You"  in a practical & financial way when they Buy, Sell or Refinance a Home.

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