Guest: Danna Demetre

Topic: The Health and Wealth Connection



The show kicks off with a bang when Bethany and Ellie talk about saving money when it comes to eating healthy, including menu planning and tips at the grocery store. Start your menu planning by looking into your pantry and avoid wastage. Danna Demetre joins the conversation talking about the same principles to save money are the same when it comes to your health as well. Learn about which poisons that can go into your body that you can cut out, which sweetener is the best for your body, and why disease can be expensive. Also learn why having Mental Health Days are important and natural days to de-stress.

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Danna Demetre
Danna has a diverse professional background. She was a registered nurse specializing in labor and delivery for almost 15 years and then transitioned to the corporate world and was a marketing manager in the financial arena for a fortune 100 company. In the past twenty years, she has become a popular speaker at women’s conferences and a virtual lifestyle coach to women all over the English speaking world. She is also the author of several books to include Scale Down, Change Your Habits, Change Your Life and a co-authored book with Ellie Kay, Lean Body, Fat Wallet. You can get lots of health and wellness advice on her website where she and her business partner, Robyn post weekly videos on a variety of topics to enhance the lives of women of all ages. From healthy cooking and weight lost to menopause and hormone balance – they cover it all! You can also learn about their new online membership Ageless Woman Academy - packed with courses and resources to help women live their lives to the fullest. Danna and her husband, Lew have four adult children, five grandchildren and live near San Diego in Alpine, California with their two dogs, two cats, and 15 chickens on a mini-ranch of sorts that they’ve named “Dono di Dio” – Gift of God. You can also learn more about Danna at:

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