Guest: Brenna Casserly

Topic: Millennials and Investing


Bethany and Ellie started the morning off talking about their guest, Brenna Casserly, who is the CEO of Emperor Investments. They also discuss the tasting magic of coffee and how little things can go a long way in this giving season. They talk the holidays and their traditions. Bethany remembers working at Blockbuster during the holidays, and Ellie remembers the gingerbread houses her kids would make when they were young.

Brenna Casserly, the co-founder and CEO of Emperor Investments, joins the MIllhouse discussing Investing. Bethany asks Brenna what it is like being a female CEO, and Ellie asks why she started Emperor Investments. They discuss why Millennials have a hard time investing and ways they are making it easier to invest at Emperor. Brenna defines what a ETF is and why it is great for certain people. Brenna shares how she learned about Investing, and why it is important to invest. She talks about why women don’t normally invest, and why it is important for them to review their investments. She gives great examples of how compound interest can work for you, and why it is not a good option to keep it cash. She also gives advice on how long you should invest and the importance of goal-based investing.

Darbi, the editor and producer of The Money Millhouse, comes to the kitchen table in the last segment to answer the big question: “Do you feel like you are able to go out and invest today?” She shares how she feels paralyzed when it comes to investing because it is a lot of information to digest all at once. They discuss the reasons it is important to start early, but also why it is not a requirement to know all the things when it comes to investing. Darbi shares her thoughts on being a women and the statistics Brenna discussed when it comes to women and investing.


Emperor Investments is a female led, online investing platform.  With the help of technology, this platform custom builds you equity portfolios that are designed to help achieve your goals. To learn more and get your first six months of automated investing for free, visit

Brenna Casserly
Brenna Casserly is Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Emperor Investments, a Toronto-based robo-advisor offering personalized equity portfolios to U.S. retail investors. She also serves as a Portfolio Manager for the firm. In collaboration with Francis Tapon, Brenna founded Emperor based on the notion that investing is highly personal and a strong belief in the value of investing directly in individual securities. Over the course of the last decade, Brenna and Francis have developed proprietary technology that builds personalized pure equity portfolios that are invested directly in dividend-paying equities and tailored specifically to individuals’ personal financial goals. Prior to launching the firm in 2017, Brenna held multiple positions at Scotiabank, a leading global financial services provider. Most recently she was a Portfolio Analyst within ScotiaWealth’s Managed Portfolio Program, where she was responsible for overseeing investment managers, monitoring the program’s overall risk, developing and implementing policies for risk management processes, and supporting portfolio managers in portfolio construction and monitoring their performance. In 2011, Brenna co-founded Investment Portfolio Design LTD with Francis Tapon, a firm that provided portfolio solutions to advisors. Brenna has also been actively involved in volunteer work serving as Vice President for Scotiabank’s Scotia Young Professionals network and as an active member for the Scotiabankers Association, where she facilitated events, and drove fundraising. Brenna attended the University of Guelph. She is an Honors Bachelor of Commerce graduate. Brenna is a CFA Level III candidate and a member of Toronto’s CFA Society.

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