Guest: Liz Eischen

Topic: De-stressing at Christmas and Year End Tax End Tips


Bethany and Ellie open the show reflecting on the holiday season, as well as finding the year end zen in the midst of the holiday season. They give several year-end tax tips, as well. To find the link they mentioned, visit

Liz Eischen joins the Millhouse giving her best year end zen tips, including understanding the “why” behind the stress and cutting out the extras this holiday season. Ellie mentions that it might be a vicious circle when it comes to stress in finances, and Liz explores this cycle. They also discuss an article Bethany saw about taking out a personal loan to afford Christmas, and Liz gives some practical ways we can look to afford Christmas where we don’t feel like we are limiting Holiday Cheer. They also discuss traveling on a budget and how Liz was able to afford to travel to 26 countries. Liz also explores stress areas related to getting her Master’s Degree and how to deal with that stress. She also talks about how she became a professional “dabbler”, and how that has helped her learn as well as earn some extra income.


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Liz Eischen
Liz Eischen is the Founder and Content Writer for Kitchen Table Finances. She is digital engagement specialist by day and a personal finance blogger by night. Through her blog, she is teaching millennials how to start on their own personal finance journey and navigate finances through side hustles, stories and resources.

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