Guest: Kiné Corder

Topic: Financial Therapy



Ellie and Bethany start the show talking about the idea that money can buy happiness. Even though people know money cannot really buy happiness, many people live like it can. Bethany shares techniques she and her husband use when it comes to Bethany’s impulse buys, as well as brands Ellie chooses to splurge on.

Kiné Corder, a best selling author, international speaker, and psychotherapy specializing in financial therapy, joins The Money Millhouse discussing financial therapy. She shares the designations a financial counsellor must have to help in this area, as well as what qualifies someone to be a financial therapist. Bethany asks about the marriage aspect of this topic, and Kiné explores the past money history and programming everyone has when coming into a marriage.

Kiné also explores money personalities/mentality people are prone to, and if people are able to change. She shows Ellie and Bethany techniques people can implement in order to play on strengths in a relationship, including Awareness, “Money Day,” “No Money Day,” and having a Money Challenge or Competition. They end their conversation on the topic of prosperity, and what things can block a prosperity mindset. 


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Kiné Corder
Kiné is a best selling author, international speaker, and psychotherapy specializing in financial therapy because money is the number one reason couples get divorced. Kiné spent over 15 years in financial services before making the shift to therapy. Working with everything from credit, mortgages, real estate, insurance, securities, and wills and trust. She's worked with Ameriprise Financial, New York Life, and Morgan Stanley. Kiné is a formally trained psychotherapist in Georgia working with couples and young adults, helping them heal financially. She is also insurance licensed and held series 7 & 66 licenses until graduating from Argosy University with a masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Before entering the financial world Kiné became the spokesperson for ABCs Extreme Makeover show. Kiné was in magazines like Elle, Marie Claire, TV guide & People. On television shows like Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, the E! Channel and Oprah. This led her to public speaking. Kiné most recently started, Presidential Lifestyle, a wellness company focused on wealth in all of its forms. The motto at Presidential Lifestyle is "money can buy happiness if you invest some of it on financial therapy to determine what truly brings you happy." The mission is to help couples become a winning team in love, life and money. Using a library of resources called Prosperity Club, Kiné helps members shift their thoughts, feels, in behaviors to reach their true hearts desire. "In an effort to give my tribe, my daughter, and myself a shot at marriage success, I created Prosperity Report “Love & Money” podcast. While others are focused on what’s going wrong with marriage we focus on what’s going well," says Kiné Corder. Kiné has dedicated her life to relieving the pain in the world and she does it through financial therapy work and speaking engagements.

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