Guest: Erica McMannes

Topic: Entrepreneurship



Learn about Ellie’s first business as a child and the advantages of working for herself as an employer as she grew up. They also discuss some of the pitfalls for home-based businesses that you should avoid, the risk factors to keep in mind, and crunching the numbers when it comes to choosing a home-based business. Erica McMannes joins the conversation about her passion to create remote jobs for military spouses. We talk about the need for spouses to have dual income, the difficulties to bootstrap a business, what bootstrapping means, and what opportunities there are for remote work. Later in the show, Ellie and Bethany talk about the difference between independent contractors and a regular employee. They also talk about important tax information entrepreneurs need to keep in mind. They touch on the difference between a hobby and a business, as well as the benefits of each.


Hire Mad Skills Inc., MadSkills Facebook page; Small Business Association



Erica McMannes
Erica McMannes started out her career path in 2003 working for Army MWR/CYSS in various Director and leadership positions. After 10 years, 6 moves, 2 kids, and limited traditional job opportunity, she had to get creative with a way to find fulfillment and income that meshed well with the transient and unpredictable military lifestyle. Her entrepreneurial spirit was kindled in 2012 when Erica joined a veteran owned start up in Silicon Valley in a grassroots support position. For the next five years, she grew that experience through various consultant, blogging, and marketing gigs into a full time position as GuideOn Community Director and consultant to various other start ups. Erica launched HireMadSkills, Inc. in 2016 and works as full time cofounder. MadSkills sources virtual work opportunities for military spouses by building relationships with businesses and entrepreneurs ready to outsource. She is an Army spouse and mom to 2 boys, ages 11 & 6. She has survived 9 moves in 15 years from the swamps of Fort Polk and to the beauty of Monterey, CA and everything in between. She likes to run (but only if there is medal and free food at the finish line) and she loves collecting antique glass bottles. She was also recently named the Joint Base Langley-Eustis Military Spouse of the Year of 2017.

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