Guest: Darbi Masters

Topic: Q & A with Bethany, Ellie, and Darbi


It is a special episode on The Money Millhouse as editor and producer Darbi Masters comes into the Millhouse. Before she gets there, Bethany and Ellie discuss how they met Darbi, how to find free things to do in your city, and some real facts about their producer.

Darbi comes into The Money Millhouse and they talk about their drinks of choice, and Bethany and Ellie answer Darbi’s financial questions, including tax questions, a great way to keep up with expenses, and good resources to use when filing taxes. So kick back, grab your favorite drink (unless you are driving) and enjoy this unique episode of The Money Millhouse!



Darbi Masters
Darbi Masters is a cake maker, parkour jumper, wood worker, and a friend of yours…by 6 degrees of separation. But, what she actually enjoys is whiskey, bikes, ping-pong, summertime, and hammocking. Darbi went to school for radio broadcasting and has worked as a producer for two shows in the Chicago radio market for a number of years. She’s recently branched out and started her own business editing and producing podcasts, which includes none other than, your favorite podcast, The Money Millhouse. You can find out more about Darbi and the podcasts that she produces at

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