Guest: Dr. Jennifer Degler 

Topic: Conversations about Money



In the first part of the show, Bethany and Ellie talk about owning a dog and the expenses you should plan for if you are considering a furry family member. Dr. Jennifer Degler joins them to talk about having conversations about money with your spouse. Learn the main source of arguments that can tear marriages apart, how to have a successful money conversation with a spouse or significant other, and the difference between arguing about money or deeper issues. We also learn the answer to an age-old question: When is the right time to talk about Money?

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Dr. Jennifer Degler
Psychologist, life coach, and author of No More Christian Nice Girl, Dr. Jennifer Degler is passionate about helping people create healthy, successful lives through her Kentucky counseling practice, as well as her popular podcasts, blogs, and videos found at As the sizzling part of HRx, the CWIVES Dare of the Month newsletter helps thousands of wives across the world initiate creative sexual encounters with their husbands. At women's retreats and marriage retreats across the country, Jennifer's trademark warmth and wit keep audiences laughing while they learn. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Jeff, and they have two adult children, Josie and Jake.

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